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Our company history

What was to become Passinault.Com started on March 4, 1988, when a teenage C. A. Passinault started planning and throwing small parties. The very first party was held in Brandon with the help of friends Shawn Greenwood, Andrea Wilford, James Johnson, and many others. It was very successful for what it was. At this point, C. A. Passinault was an accomplished writer and artist (he became a professional writer during college in 1990 when his first articles were published, and he even conducted his first interview for a newspaper, learning some journalism skills that would prove very useful in 2003 and the future). The experiments would continue for years, and it became professional when he and college friends started a fraternity (Alpha Beta Delta) and sorority (Alpha Omega Delta) on April 17, 1990.
Passinault.Com began life as an event planning company on October 6, 1990, and it was initially called Party Systems Incorporated, or PSI. C. A. Passinault began DJ'ing on an underground basis, and started to release a long line of popular cassette program releases (back when people had cassette players) that would continue until 1997. The origination of the first theme events began with the second year of the Alpha Beta Delta fraternity in 1991.
On November 2, 1991, a beach event in Apollo Beach ended in a riot, temporarily pausing some of the events for a few years. C. A. Passinault moved to Tampa from Riverview, and continued his education. In 1993 C. A. Passinault launched his first professional production studio, which he dubbed Geomedia 1 (note: the studio was named before the Internet made trademark searches easy, and it was named before the name was trademarked by another company. When it was discovered in the late 1990's that this had happened, the Passinault Entertainment Group quit marketing under the Geomedia name, although the line studios were still called “Geomedia” on the inside, meaning the present Geomedia 3 facility near Brandon is still referred to by that name. The next studio will not be named that, as the Geomedia line is now over. The Geomedia logo became the logo for EOS MediaArts, and Geomedia Productions became the present EOS MediaArts, which was licensed as an advertising agency in 2005). With Geomedia 1 online in 1993, the cassette program release line continued, and production support began for other companies. C. A. Passinault, who had gone by the underground DJ name of “DJ Whiz Kid”, became “DJ Frontier” when he went pro as a DJ and an artist. In 1993, he and a group of friends formed the Frontier Society, which grew as an art and entertainment subculture that year (many advanced entertainment technologies were developed by the Frontier Society, which stayed underground and didn’t begin to be present in mainstream circles until recently. The Frontier Society web site, in the works since 2003, launched in 2006. Many things about this subculture remains secret to this day, and there are rumors that there are hundreds of involved members and an underground night club somewhere in Ybor City. The Frontier Society is heavily intertwined with Passinault.Com company Eventi Events, and a synergetic symbiosis will become evident in 2006). In 1993, C. A. Passinault completed a course in television production as a certified television producer and director. He continued to assist with independent film productions and network projects for years to come, and that eventually led to his debut as a commercial actor in 1996 as some of his earlier instructors cast him in commercials. C. A. Passinault continued as an active actor until 1998).
1993 became a time where C. A. Passinault made strides in writing and learned casting and directing. He worked with a team of actors and theater professionals, and even cast a play that he had written during that time.
The new generation of Cassette Program Releases that debuted in 1994 had covers, and those covers needed photographs done for them, as the old underground practice of appropriating pictures from magazines and pasting them into paper templates was over. The need for pictures led to the launch of Aurora PhotoArts on June 10, 1994, which had a photography session at Lowry Park in Tampa with C. A. Passinault and a young beginning DJ/ model by the name of Nicole Angel. Aurora PhotoArts began sessions with aspiring models that year, but did not really explode in size as a business until the first web sites began development in 1998. By 2000, C. A. Passinault became a professional photographer, and Aurora PhotoArts would become our most important and profitable companies. Aurora PhotoArts achieved leadership of the Tampa Bay photography market by 2002. 2003 was its best year, with a market transition between 2004 and 2005 as most of the efforts were into developing infrastructure for what was coming. In late 2005, Aurora PhotoArts launched its fifth web site, which was built to be the cornerstone of the company’s marketing and client support efforts until at least 2010. The latest Aurora PhotoArts web site is also the most advanced and effective photography marketing and portfolio web site in the Tampa Bay market. Sales are strong and increasing, and 2006 is projected to be a top earning year for the company.
In 1994, C. A. Passinault would begin an education of a different sort as he landed a day job working for a bank. Mentors Lois Crew, Gayle Newsome-Davis, and Alan Caldwell would teach him lessons and inspired skills in business that would prove critical in later years.
In 1995, the Geomedia 2 studio was commissioned in Temple Terrace. The original PSI event planning company, which was renamed the Mobile Event Network (MEN) in 1993, became Horizons Entertainment. Construction of the Geomedia 3 facility began in 1996, when C. A. Passinault moved back to Riverview. Horizons Entertainment had a profitable year in 1997, and the first actual theme event, an espionage thriller named “Silvertree”, launched on January 31, 1998 in north Tampa (this was the first time that senior DJ Marlon Brown, also know as DJ Shy, and Passinault worked together).
1998 became our Internet transition year. The old paper and pencil routine became word processors and E-Mail. Our first web site, Colony Alpha, launched in the fall of 1998. Colony Alpha was an experimental web site (ironically, it was very similar to 2006's Frontier Society web site in many ways).
In 1999, Horizons Entertainment was our most profitable company. The new Geomedia 3 facility was commissioned in an area south of Brandon, and heavy development for Horizons Entertainment, web site projects, and Aurora PhotoArts began in earnest. 1999 was also the year the Passinault.Com company Dream Nine Studios (then called Tapestry Films), an independent film company, was created. Dream Nine Studios would begin years of turbulent and troubled development, and would not see much success for some time.
2000 saw a time of change. Passinault.Com, then known as the Advanced Entertainment Group, became Passinault.Com, the Passinault Entertainment Group. Horizons Entertainment became known as Dimension Stageforms, because a trademark search uncovered a trademark that was a little too close. Aurora PhotoArts took center stage, and C. A. Passinault began doing less event work and more photography work as he worked with an increasing number of professional models. Aurora PhotoArts saw a golden age from 2000 until 2003, and work with hundreds of models and actors were completed. In 2001, C. A. Passinault helped a group of models start a web site which would become Independent Modeling. The site is a resource for professional models, and remains one of the most important modeling resource sites on the Internet to this day.
Dream Nine Studios, with “support” from a subcontracted production team, began planning and casting its first feature film, a psychological drama/ horror film called Reverence, in 2001. There were several auditions held for this film project for almost two years, and the production was delayed; one of the issues being a lack of support from the initial production team and the subsequent one. After a final audition on February 2, 2003, and an almost full cast reading of the near-final 120 page script, support for Reverence collapsed. Reverence was cancelled later that year, and C. A. Passinault and his team resolved not to do any more auditions or attempt to produce film projects until Dream Nine Studios was ready and production infrastructure was in place.
2004 was a bad year for the Geomedia 3 facility. Four Hurricanes, one of those being a close call from Hurricane Charley, did some logistical damage which hindered production capabilities. In August, with Hurricane Charley forecast to do a direct hit on the Tampa Bay area and a late forecast track projected to take the storm less than five miles west of the studio over the bay, an evacuation was ordered and the studio was gutted. After Charley spared the Tampa Bay region, it took months to re-install the equipment in the studio, as business was still being conducted at record levels (2004 was a busy year for Aurora PhotoArts, which found itself scheduling shoots in and around Hurricane warnings). The studio remained barely operational and largely in shambles for over a year, until the time to work on it could be booked in January 2006. in late January 2006, after thousands of dollars in new equipment, security upgrades, and hard work on support infrastructure and the studio itself, it was restored to a condition better than it had been in, and was once again fully operational.
2005 was a year of heavy web site and marketing development. What was once known as Geomedia Productions became EOS MediaArts and was licensed as an advertising agency. Dimension Stageforms, which has saw a decline in event business since 2001, was reorganized and renamed Eventi Events. The 2005 holiday season was busy for both Aurora PhotoArts and Eventi Events, and some of the money made was marked for work on the studio and further infrastructure development. Dream Nine Studios, dormant for over a year and a half, was reorganized and revitalized, becoming an independent film company, a music label, a video game developer, and a manga publishing company. The company drew up new plans to begin production work in 2008, with production and financial support from the other Passinault.Com companies. Passinault.Com saw reorganization, too, splitting into the Passinault Entertainment Group (entertainment and art production work) and Passinault Industries LLC (business support). Eventi Events and Dream Nine Studios were designated Passinault Entertainment Group companies. Aurora PhotoArts and EOS MediaArts were designated Passinault Industries LLC companies. All of the companies were further optimized to work together and compliment their operations (in 2007, both Aurora PhotoArts and Eventi Events will push forward hand-in-hand on a level never seen before, starting with aggressive combination marketing and joint service packages).
In the Summer of 2005, C. A. Passinault became director of Independent Modeling, the modeling site that he had helped create.
2006 as a year was routine, with a good amount of business for Aurora PhotoArts. Much of the progress this year was in groundwork for all the companies, and a lot of work went into service lines, contracts, web sites, and marketing. Although we didn't make as much progress as we would have liked, the work done is important for what is to come in 2007 and 2008.
It is now 2007. The Geomedia 3 production facility is now fully operational again (although support from other facilities, a new studio in development, and an uncertain real estate situation may mean that it may be in its last days- there could be a move back to Tampa into a new studio sometime in the near future). Both Aurora PhotoArts and Eventi Events are looking at their best years ever, and advertising agency EOS MediaArts will be fully operational in the market later this year. All three Passinault.Com companies will lend full support to the projects of Dream Nine Studios, which we still feel is the future of the Passinault Entertainment Group.

The Future

As of December 31, 2006, here is what is coming up and what we have planned. All plans are tentative and may change without warning.

Aurora PhotoArts
Business will be pushed hard in 2007, with an emphasis on family-friendly commercial photography and talent photography. Aurora PhotoArts will focus on commercial photography work with advertising agencies (like our own EOS) in late 2007. Plans for advanced marketing are already in motion. Another photography company has spun off from Aurora PhotoArts and will launch in 2007. This company will focus on modeling and swimsuit photography, with less family-friendly, but still tasteful, work involved.

Eventi Events
Marketing will increase, as will bookings, and will hit a high point in late 2007. 2007 will see more of a push for conventional events, with theme event packages rolling out in 2008. Primary target markets are slated to be the corporate event and wedding markets.

EOS MediaArts
Will be fully operational in February, 2007. The advertising agencies will focus on smaller businesses and will work with both Aurora PhotoArts and Eventi Events in support of these businesses.

Dream Nine Studios
Launched a new web site on July 26, 2006. The web site will be updated throughout the next year in preparation for the start of major production work, and one of the rumored features will be access to scripts, such as the ill-fated Reverence.
Dream Nine Studios will begin work on short film projects in 2008. Some of these films will be highly experimental. Work as a music label, video game developer, and manga publisher will be later. The company is going to take it slow, as there is no desire to repeat what happened with Reverence.
By 2011, Dream Nine Studios should be our busiest and most profitable company. As this is the future of the Passinault Entertainment Group, we are taking our time to do things right.

Casting Company
This unnamed (well, we know the name) and little-known casting company will not launch until it is needed, which may be as early as late 2007.


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